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Wednesday 27 April 2011

Shindler's list

Comecei uma serie de vinhetas dedicadas as filmes e às suas cenas mais emblematicas.

Aqui está a 1ª - A lista de Shindler ( ainda em construção)

I've started a series of small dios dedicated to movies and their most emblematic scenes.

Here is the 1 st - Shindler's List. ( still in progress)


  1. A good idea...there´s a very sad and real story attached to the red of the interrogators of Adolf Eichman was the father of this girl.

  2. Schindler's List was the first and only film I have seen at the cinema where at the end of the film there was total silence. No one spoke a word as they left the cinema - totally moving, shocking and yet inspiring, an absolute classic and that scene with the girl in the red coat - heart wrenching!

  3. Awesome mate, will watch this one

  4. Good work, I shall watch as well.

    Regards Paul

  5. oh that's a clever idea, will be watching with interest. All the best, Michael