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Monday, 17 January 2011

Resultado Final / Final Stand

Em 1º lugar, queria pedir desculpas pela demora a postar os resultados, mas uma gripe arrastou-me para a cama.

1 st of all I would like to apologise for the delay in posting the results but the flew drag me to bed.

Gostava de agradecer a todos os que participaram e que votaram. e aqui está o vencedor
modelo elaborado pelo Sr. Peter Bonami da Belgica

I woul like to thank everyone that participated and voted in the competition, and here it is the winner, a model done by Mr Peter Bonami from Belgium.

No 2º Lugar ficou o modelo executado pelo Sr. Rob Haelterman da Belgica.

On 2nd place is the model done by Mr. Rob Helterman From Belgium.

Em 3º Lugar ficou o modelo do Sr . Rich West do Reino Unido.

In 3rd place the model of Mr. Rich West from UK.

Ficamos à espera que os premiados nos contactem por mail com a lista de itens que querem receber dentro do respectivo plafond.

We expect that the prize winners send us an email with the list of the items that they want to receive within the respective plafond of the prize.


  1. Congratulations Peter on a fine win mate.And also to Rob for a great second place and cheers GEM for hosting the competition.

    Cheers Rich.

  2. Thanks Rich. Also my compliments to both of you for the fine work you made.

    João I hope you feel better now and thanks for hosting the competition.

  3. What!!? Peter has won another one!!? I heard all things come in threes and Peter is planning to play the I would like to say what a wonderfull man he is and it´s always nice to remember those who have said kind words to you when you are rich :-D
    All three were good and it was a great idea from Gem to hold the comp.

  4. I like the first photo-it's very poignant. Next year West1871!